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Gifts From The Past

By Heather / May 24, 2020

Have you ever got a gift that you wanted to regift? Well, I am so lucky that I like to keep mine! Often my family will give me plants as a present for birthdays or Christmas and I love them. At Christmas I usually get a Christmas Rose that as soon as the frost disappears […]


Daily Photo – It Had To Be Done!

By Heather / May 15, 2020

This was a case of having to, not wanting to. Well, many a little want to in there as well. The maple trees were taking over the yard. Okay… well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but hey… it runs in the family. About five years ago this maple had a trim. It […]


Daily Photo – The Dogwood Tree

By Heather / May 14, 2020

My fondest memories of the dogwood trees were searching for the flowers every spring. They came out in bloom in April and May around the same time as the bleeding hearts, trilliums and viola could be found in the forest. These trees aren’t the ones you see today in people’s yards and along boulevards. They […]


Daily Photo – The Rebel

By Heather / May 5, 2020

Standing straight and tall with his roots above ground is the rebel. Not for him to have his nether parts safely under the ground and out of sight. Not for him the norm of splaying his roots to get a better hold to the earth. When the wind blows he holds on with his nails […]


Daily Photo – The Eye of a Tulip

By Heather / May 3, 2020

Sometimes what’s on the inside is even more glorious than the out. As with this tulip that I photographed as the sun was shining through it. Making the petals almost seem transparent. The anthers on the stamen are ripe with pollen waiting for the bees to alight and spread the yellow gold dust. Reminding me […]


Daily Photo – Halo Violet

By Heather / April 29, 2020

This luscious little beauty is called a Halo Violet. Well actually it has a few names – Viola cornuta ‘Halo Violet’ (Horned Violet) to name a few. The gardening books say it’s a compact perennial that is sought after for its large dark violet-blue flowers with bright yellow centres and fragrant petals. It grows best […]


Daily Photo – Spring Nautilus

By Heather / April 26, 2020

The Nautilus is considered to be a living fossil and has little changed in the past 500 million years. Its chambers on the inside of its shell form a spiral if you cut it in half. This spiral is one of the oldest known symbols in written history and you will find it appear on […]


Daily Photo – Cabbage Patch

By Heather / April 17, 2020

Here lies the skunk cabbage in all it’s splendour. In the deep dark of the woods after a drab winter of deforested trees and dead undergrowth, these unassuming plants rise out of the swamps. As you walk a trail muddied from a spring storm a pungent odour reaches the nostrils. First thought… a skunk. But […]


Two Must Have Flowers To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard

By Heather / August 8, 2018

This year¬†I have found two must have flowers to attract hummingbirds to your yard. That’s not to say that other flowers won’t do the same thing, but from my past experiences, these 2 flowers top the list. The first one I found at a flower centre this year and thought it would be some nice […]


The Largest Spruce Tree In Canada

By Heather / June 27, 2018

I live close to the largest spruce tree in Canada. And for me, this is a treat as trees are my favourite people. Actually, I live within a 90-minute drive of the largest spruce tree in Canada as well as the world’s largest Douglas Fir tree (Red Creek Fir) and the¬†gnarliest tree in Canada. In […]

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