Pool Day in Florida City

Pool Day in Florida City

Sunday was a pool day in Florida City.

Just a short note today as last night something delicious that I ate didn’t agree with me and I spent part of my night in the ladies’ room.

Not exactly the highlight of the trip, but it happens.

So today, we just relaxed, hung around and took it easy.

Rob even spent the day watching football and tanning by the pool.

Can you believe it?

Rob relaxing by the pool

This little fellow came to check us out and ran up a palm tree beside us.

She’s called a West African Rainbow Lizard – Agama agama africana. The male is much more colourful.

Female West African Rainbow Lizard

Tonight we are getting packed and ready to head back to Phoenix tomorrow.

Hoping the flight is less eventful than the last one.

If you don’t get a post tomorrow you’ll know we were travelling.

Going from hot and humid to hot and dry.

One of the highlights of our trip to Florida was getting a picture of a Roseate Spoonbill.

When we headed down here my list consisted of Roseate Spoonbill, alligator, manatee and flamingo.

Saw them all except for the flamingo which is just in small pockets in different areas and not always spottable.

Now we’re heading to Arizona I’m hoping to see the sandhill cranes again, watch them dance and hear their song.

Life is good!


  1. I see Rob has tracked down a specimen of the Eastern Continental Coors Light!

    I’ve only ever seen photos of those, and hope one day to actually meet one myself! 🙂


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