Pool Day!!

Pool Day

Can you believe it? All this time we’ve been here and we’d yet to have a pool day.

After a long walk on the beach and Rob drawing me hearts in the sand, (gotta love him) he found me a spotted sandpiper.

This is the first shorebird that we’ve seen down here and it wasn’t standing still for anything.

It was running down the beach as fast as it could searching for something to eat and we were having trouble keeping up with it.

Spotted sandpiper
Spotted sandpiper

Most of the shots I got were of the backend of it.

Then we heard some bird up in a little clearing and went up to inspect.

Saw numerous birds, like the Mexican Jay but most of them were too far away to get a good picture of.

There is talk about getting up early tomorrow to check them out further, but who knows how early, early is.

You certainly get a good workout walking on the beach.

There are very few places to walk where the sand is packed beside the waterline) as most of it is loose sand and as you take a step your foot slips away, like walking in deep snow.

Great for the calves!

Back from the walk for breakfast and more relaxing.

I said to Rob that I was heading to the pool as I hadn’t even had a swim yet. All we had done so far was to go in the hot springs pool.

And what a lovely pool it is.

There are two large islands in it.

One has a volleyball net in it and in the other end of the pool, the island has a large canopy over it so you can get out of the sun.


On the other side opposite the hot springs is the swim up bar but Ricardo (the barman) was working inside today, so no drinks at the pool.

There is even an area for the kiddies with turtles in the bottom made out of tiles.

It is a huge pool to swim around and with the arm motion and with that of the sand, you get a total body workout.

hot springs pool
Hot springs pool

Tonight we went into the bar and I had a virgin pina colada and Rob a beer.

But what we didn’t know is that we arrived at happy hour and it was 2 for one for drinks.

And the party started.

People started arriving and ordering doubles.

Found out the people weren’t necessarily staying at the hotel but from the surrounding area and they come most days for happy hour.

Little old ladies were coming up to the bar and telling the bartender how to fix their martinis and with how many olives.

Others the bartender knew exactly what each person would have and would start pouring even before they got up to the bar.

Most highballs were 3/4 alcohol and the rest mix.

And a good time was being had by all.

A lot of them were fishermen and they gave some yellowfin tuna to the kitchen who came out with sashimi.

It appears they do this quite often and one and all are invited to partake.

It was delicious.

Might have to go back tomorrow.

The police were on the beach this afternoon.

It’s okay to ATV and drink, but not ATV and go off the main path on the beach.

Seems like the turtles are starting to come to lay their eggs and all vehicles are supposed to stay up at the top end of the beach where there is a well-established trail.

The more we stick around the more tidbits we learn.

Went to see if we could find any turtles tonight on the beach but no luck.

Buenas noches (good night).


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