South Bend, OR to Lodi, CA


It’s been a couple of days since I last posted but we’ve been mainly just driving.

We left South Bend and followed the coast down to Lincoln City where we spent the night.

Then we went onto Reedsport and from there across on highway 38 to Elkton and down 138 to Sutherlin and got on the I-5 and spent the night in Medford.

Got up this morning and drove most of the day and we are now in Lodi heading to Bakersfield and beyond tomorrow.


I haven’t taken many pictures as we’ve just been driving, but there are a lot of quaint towns along the Washington and Oregon coast and the scenery is magnificent.

The views are so big you almost can’t capture them with a camera.

It also appears that the locals don’t know the area beyond their town as whenever we asked directions about places to stay we were sent in the wrong direction or down a road that definitely didn’t lead to anywhere.

Stopping at the sea lion caves we found that the sea lions didn’t realize we were coming and were out fishing.

Not only that but the elevator was broken and the caves were closed but it was a nice place to get out and stretch our legs and see the view.

I said to Rob that we were spoiled as although our coast doesn’t look the same we get to see the ocean every day and watch the waves.

So, we headed inland.

From Reedsport to Sutherlin was a lovely drive. You followed the Umpqua River through a valley that was lush and green.

The whole valley was made up of large farms (mainly beef cattle) and fields and fields of grapes.

Through the area, we saw elk and a few bison that posed for a photo shoot.

And then once we got to the I-5 the scenery became a little less interesting but a whole lot faster to get where you were going.

Today we saw acre after acre of olive groves as well as some rice fields filled with ducks and every once in a while you’d see an orange tree.

Rob drove and I napped and here we are in Lodi to be lulled to sleep by the traffic outside the hotel window.

Sweet dreams!


  1. We look forward to your daily adventures, thank you so much. Your photography is spectacular ut as I only know about the eating kind of cookies, I shall need a bit of help with the technical ones.


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