Spring Is In The Air… Can Spring Cleaning Be Far Behind?

First Robin of Spring

Today was a glorious day.

Spring was in the air and the first robin of the year appeared in the yard.

The sun shining in the windows reminded me that spring cleaning wasn’t far behind.

At this time of year, the sun is still low enough on the horizon to hit the windows at such an angle that it reveals every smug, speck of dust and grime that they have collected over the winter.

It also reveals the dust in the corners and the spider webs on the ceiling.

Meanwhile, it is beckoning me outdoors to enjoy its heat and clean up the garden.

As you already know… I’ve much rather be out in the garden than cleaning the house but sometimes one has to do what one has to do.

So… I did a little housekeeping and a little gardening and a little walk through the woods.


I did notice that over the winter things have started to accumulate in corners of the house.

Not just the dust bunnies but winter boots, cold-weather gear and other related items not needed for warmer weather.

Putting all these items into a box for redistribution I kept glancing out the window at the sun-filled yard.

And as the sunlight peeked in thru the fingerprinted windows, the dust on the baseboards and top of the cupboard drawers became visible.

I noticed that the fridge, stove and microwave needed a good cleaning but instead of giving them the attention they deserved, I figured a quick wipe would suffice and headed out to the garden.

On my way out I hung a batch of clothes on the clothesline, as for the first time this year the sunlight lighted up the line.


At this time of year, it’s wonderful to be back out in the garden.

Planting seeds in the greenhouse to be transplanted later in the raised beds.

Preparing the soil to receive the said transplants.

Cleaning up the winter debris.

Being amazed at the garlic poking their head out of the heavy layer of mulch that I had put on in the fall.

Putting sawdust on the blueberries that came from Rob cutting wood over the winter.

Pruning the grapes before they started to get buds.

Cutting down the pampas grass so new shoots could emerge.

And moving some plants while it was still cool enough that they still thought it was winter.


I waited until the tide was out and walking through the park, down to the spit.

The trees were starting to bloom and the bees were busy collecting pollen.

Birds were singing and collecting nesting material.

Watched the seagulls as they picked up clams and dropped them from a height onto the rocky beach only to have them shatter and then scoop up the tasty morsel inside.

Saw the sun do a slow decline towards the horizon and the water turn the colour of gold.

Breathed in the clean air as tall shadows appeared and put my coat back on as the air became chilly, reminding me that spring wasn’t officially here yet.

Which meant… that I still have a week to go before I really have to do the spring cleaning.

Life is good!

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