Surviving The Crowd

Surviving The Crowd

Surviving the crowd is always something that I struggle with and along with that I probably miss out on a lot of grand adventures.

For example… we are looking at going to Victoria this weekend for the big July 1st Canada Day bash.

It’s a big deal as Canada celebrates its 150 year anniversary and there are events and happenings going on for 11 days.

Music, food, people and fireworks are only a few of the things on the schedule which you can see here.

It will be a fun-filled and a once in a lifetime event and yet I hesitate.

Not because I don’t want to participate, it goes even deeper than that.

The feelings almost come down to a sense of survival for me and it’s hard to explain or even voice.

I wrote something similar to what I experience when I’m in a crowd a while ago which might or might not explain these feelings.

Today I spent the day in town with people instead of trees.

Missed the trees.

It was really interesting. Around 3:30 in the middle of shopping, this voice popped into my head and told me to go home.

Of course… I argued but as it was so persistent I just put down what I was looking at and began the journey home.

It was all I could do to stay awake. I thought I was going to have to pull over and have a nap I was so tired and drained.

When I got home I just stopped the car, got out and started to walk towards the ocean.

There are huge trees in a park about a 5-minute walk right by the water and it was there that I was headed.

The trees were calling and I put my back up against a big cedar, listened to the waves lapping against the shore and recharged my batteries.

That was all I needed to do to restore my sense of self.

I literally felt like my energy had been totally depleted and I realized that today was probably the first day in about a month that I hadn’t been out walking or in the forest.

Then it hit me.

As I walk through the woods I just open up.

Open to give, open to receive and just allow the flow and exchange of energy.

I forgot that my system doesn’t work the same way around a lot of people and I forgot to monitor the exchange.

What a shame.

It doesn’t seem right that one should have to close off a part of them in order to maintain a healthy level of being.

Which started me thinking… what would it be like to be able to maintain that level of vibration in a crowd of people?

To be so grounded in my own being that external events do not influence my inner world.

To perceive life-based on total connection to source energy… a oneness with all that is.

To maintain my vibratory rate no matter what the circumstances surrounding me? Hmmm, feels good.

What comes to mind as I write this is to “be aware”.

To be aware of the ebbs and flows of energy and to follow that which feels good.

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So I may or may not go to the 150 year anniversary, but either way, it will be okay.

If we stay home, I shall delight in my greenness and openness and if we go I will be more conscious of what feels good and where to take a step back.

Because… I always know where the trees are.

Off to dreamland and recharge…

One thought on “Surviving The Crowd

  1. You know what Heather? I’m not even close to being as quiet, reserved or as private a person like yourself, but I feel the same way. I find crowds, towns, mass events have so much agitated energy surrounding them it just messes me UP!

    I do all my shopping on Ebay. My maxim is ‘..if it ain’t on Ebay, I don’t need it!’

    I buy shoes on Ebay. Sometimes they don’t fit, so rather than send them back, I give them away. My wife sent me to the mall to buy some shoes after I had tried them on, so as to not waste money. I probably didn’t last 15 minutes in the mall. Had to leave.. I think your article will resonate with many more people than you think. It certainly does with me!

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