The Day The Cactus Wrens Came For Breakfast

The Day The Cactus Wrens Came For Breakfast

Overcast morning as we were on the deck drinking our morning orange juice the cactus wrens came for breakfast.

All of a sudden they were there, hopping up on the tables and eating the scraps that had been left behind.

It was so much fun to watch as they strolled from plate to plate looking for the best parts. They seemed to like the pancakes the best but after a few nibbles, they flew to the next table and so on.

Cactus wren waiting for breakfast

Soon they were joined by a couple of house sparrows.

House sparrow eating breakfast

House sparrows abound in all parts of North America and we see them everywhere we go.

But of course… as we were eating breakfast I didn’t have my camera.

I ran back to the room, grabbed the camera just before they flew the coop.

They are such beautiful little wren. Well, actually they are quite large compared to the wrens at home.

What a nice way to start the day.

Gila Woodpecker
Gila Woodpecker

After much debate, we decided to stay for another day as we are just getting into the grove of doing nothing.

Great excitement thought… we are moving to another room.

One with a king bed so Rob can toss and turn all he wants.

It’s the little things… 🙂

You know… you can really get into doing nothing. Even Rob has slowed down to a snail’s pace if you can imagine.

I think it all has to do with the number of decisions one has to make in a day.

So far all we’ve had to decide is what we want to wear (same as yesterday) what we want for breakfast (cheese omelette), when to stroll up to the office to get our new room key and whether I should take my camera along.

Thoughts around if a swim in the pool might be nice or a walk on the beach is all the thoughts that fill our brains.

Very relaxing and brains seem to have shut down.

To keep our options open we walked on the beach, had lunch (nachos and caesar salad) went for a swim in the pool had a drink at the swim-up bar, played our flutes on the beach and are watching a movie.

We decided not to have dinner as we ate a late lunch.

Really… that was all the decisions that we made today.

Going to bed early… my last decision of the day.



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