There Is Beauty In The Buds

There Is Beauty In The Buds

It’s spring here on the west coast and after a cool (for us cold) winter. We actually got snow which is almost unheard of here and the trees and bushes are starting to display buds which are threatening to burst into bloom.

The buds are tight and compact. Waiting to see if it’s safe to expose themselves to the elements or should they stay put for a little while longer. Wanting to let go of the outer shell that is holding them back from emerging into the sunshine.

While most of them sit and wait patiently for the appropriate time to surface, others throw their buds to the wind and emerge in all their glory.cherry blossom buds

cherry blossom buds

They take the risk that frost might kill them, or they might drop to the ground or turn brown on the bush.

But still, they take the risk. Letting go all their doubts and fears and becoming what they were truly meant to be. A wondrous vision of colour and light that feeds the earth and the soul.

Having led the way, other buds follow in their wake. Happy to see the light again, knowing they have others to thank for showing them what was possible.

The buds start to glow like lights on a Christmas tree and their world becomes a wash of colour. Pinks, purple, greens, yellows, reds, and blues burst forth as each tries to outdo the other.

apple blossom

And then as quickly as they appear, they drop to the ground or emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon. Unfurling their leaves until the horizon appears green with the colours of newly minted leaves.

They hover there like a mist over the land until they are swallowed up into the deep green of the forest promising to be back again in spring.

Like the bud, how tightly we as humans hold thought, ideas and emotions close to our chest, unwilling to expose them to the light and allow the world to see their magnificence.

What would it be like to let go?

To let go of  “no one else has done it”, “what will people think”, and the “who am I to _____”.

What would it be like to burst forth in all our glory and damn the consequences!

Knowing in our heart of hearts that as we open up, the world becomes a little brighter and begins to glow. Softly at first, as we find our way and then like the bud, burst forth into the unknown with the anticipation of splendour.


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