Verde Valley, AZ

Verde Valley, AZ

Spending the day in the Verde Valley was like coming home.

We visited all the wonderful places that we’ve been to before so this post won’t be very long as I’ve already written about them.

Most importantly it was Rob’s 67th birthday. Looking good!!

Rob's 67th birthday

We packed up the car this morning and heading for Montezuma Castle that we had been to a couple of days ago.

The reason we keep going back is it is such a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s like time stood still here even though there are a lot of tourists (including us) that pass through.

Walk around, saw 2 red-tailed hawks and a says phoebe.

Rob got talking to a lady who said they were free camping.

What is that you ask?

In the states, they call it dispersed camping which means you can camp free in a National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground. There are little or no services available.

Handy tidbit, especially if we intend to drive the motor home down to the U.S.

From there we headed to Montezuma Well.

Hiked up to the viewing point and watched the ducks far below swim and squabble.

It really is amazing how this site was used for extensive irrigation of the area and fed the valley.

Irrigation ditches are still visible in the land below.

When you think that all the labour was done by hand over a number of years instead of days with a backhoe it makes you appreciate it even more.

Next, we went to Rob’s favourite place which is the Bar V Bar Ranch or Heritage Site.

I wrote about it previously here, but it has amazing petroglyphs that show when the planting and harvesting time was.

V Bar V Heritage Site

The one difference from the last time we visited was that one of the stones that marked the solstice and equinox fell down so now only part of the shadow remains to mark the calendar.

We totally enjoyed visiting our favourite spots and finally heading out about 3 pm and ended up in Casa Grande which is below Phoenix.

Looking at heading down to Patagonia tomorrow.



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