Visit From A Cedar Waxwing

visit from a cedar waxwing

Sitting in my office today I glanced out the window and saw a hairy woodpecker.

I immediately grabbed my camera as there are mainly downy woodpeckers in the yard and I only get a hairy maybe once a year.

Heading out the door and startling all the birds, I found a chair and sat quietly waiting for them to return.

Soon I was rewarded as they all came flocking back including the hairy.

A black-headed grosbeak appeared and I could see a Wilson’s warbler flitting amongst the trees.

The next moment… they were all gone.

Rob had walked over to the house and stepped up on the deck.

Usually, he comes in the backdoor but he didn’t see me sitting there taking pictures.

The birds started to come back and then disappeared again as Rob picked up a bag with a loud crunch and headed off down the path.

I tell you all this because of what happened next.

It was about two minutes later I saw a large bird land on a cedar tree.

Training my camera on it I could see, but I couldn’t believe it was a cedar waxwing.

We’ve never had cedar waxwings in the yard before.

cedar waxwing on cedar tree
Cedar waxwing on a cedar bough

Snapping pictures like crazy I watched as it headed over to the huckleberry bush.

It was then that I could see another waxwing already there and another one sitting on the rosemary bush.

Three in all!!

cedar waxwing eating huckleberries
Cedar waxwing eating huckleberries

I held my breath, not wanting to move a muscle lest I scare them away and one obliged by landing on a branch close by.

Fingers crossed I slowly turned and focused.

Lighting was good and the flowers muted in the background made for a great photo as seen at the top of the page.

The only thing that would have made it better would have been to get a glint in its eye.

But I’m not complaining.

It was such a thrill to see one so close.

And then they were gone.

Flew off to parts unknown.

My only hope is that they remember the huckleberries and return.

I was showing Rob the pictures later and he promised to use the backdoor from now on. 🙂

One minute either way and they never would have landed.

The huckleberry bush is getting lots of attention this year.

Might have to plant another one.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! We always had wax wings in our cedar trees at the old house and I am wondering if I may have some in our cedars here. I shall go into the bird sound app and have a listen because I know they are hard to.


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