Watson and Willow Lakes, Prescott AZ

Watson and Willow Lakes, Prescott AZ

After getting off to a late start this morning we headed out to see Watson and Willow Lakes.

These are man-made lakes as well as the two that we saw yesterday.

We found Watson lake by the side of the road and walked down a trail to the dock.

You could see lots of ducks out on the lake but the only ones that were close to shore were mallards, some domestic ducks and coots.

perfect reflection of a mallard
Perfect reflection of a mallard

Besides Canada geese, there were two domesticated geese. The Toulouse goose and the Embden goose.

Toulouse goose
Toulouse goose
Embden goose
Embden goose

Thanks to Rob for identifying them as he used to have them as pets and used them as guard dogs.

But… we found the lake that Rob had seen in the magazine that he so wanted to see.

It was beautiful in a moon landscape kind of way.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake pillow rocks

The rocks around the lake looked like huge pillows and the water table was down over 10 feet.

I took a picture of some people paddleboarding so one could see the height of the waterline.

Watson Lake waterline

Driving on a little further there was an actual park entrance and you could drive to a viewing spot.

Rob on hill at Watson Lake

There you could see all around the lake and there were people getting gear together to repel down the rocks.

We also saw a sign by a concrete platform that said it was a Par 3 and it was the 8th hole.

Try as I might I couldn’t see how you could launch a golf ball off of it without trashing your iron, but it turned out that this was my misconception.

Further down the track, we saw people with frisbees trying to fly them into a metal goal of sorts. It was frisbee golf and that made a lot more sense.

disc golf

It looked like the goals were all around the park and was a great way to get exercise and play with the kids.

On the rocks, there was a squirrel that looked like it had spots on its back and in looking it up it was conveniently called a Rock squirrel.

Rock squirrel
Rock squirrel

Leaving Watson Lake we literally headed across the highway and down the road to Willow Lake.

This was a very pretty lake surrounded by cottonwood trees and willow bushes.

Willow Lake

Not a lot of birds there just the same hybrid ducks and lots of coots.

Back on the road, we meandered our way to Camp Verde where we had stayed before and took a quick trip to Montezuma Castle.

Montezuma Castle

Still as lovely as ever and you could almost hear the sounds of people going about their everyday tasks echoing through the ages.

Montezuma Castle ruins

We got back to the hotel room and set out for a walk to go to dinner.

I thought we were going to the western restaurant a few places down but Rob had a surprise in mind.

He took me back to Moscato Italian restaurant and if you click on the link you will see that it is a very upscale dining establishment.

As a matter of fact, we learned that not only does it have the best Tiramisu in Arizona, last year it was deemed to be the number 1 destination restaurant in all of Arizona.

So… there I am again in shorts and tee-shirt thinking that we weren’t going anywhere fancy but they took us in any way.

The thing was is that I had specifically brought down a skirt and blouse to wear in case we went there again but in essence, all I did was pack some extra weight in my luggage.

Dinner was awesome!

Everything was awesome!

And after two hours we came away full and happy (that might have been the wine) with a fancy take out box in hand.

The food was great, the wine was great, the music was great and the company was best of all.

Rob is now tucked up in bed sleeping off dinner as I try and keep you up-to-date on our happenings.

Time for bed.



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