We Found The Beach!

We Found The Beach!

Today Rob got his walk on the beach (actually two beaches) and it was lovely.

We started out dragging our bodies out of bed.

Turns out a cement platform is not the best option for a comfortable night’s sleep.

But that aside we had a pleasant morning in Todos Santos.

Rob had a wonderful time wheeling and dealing with the locals and finally ended up with a small mask.

He can haggle with the best of them.

I found a happy place in a garden with birds and lots of flowers.

Altamira Oriole
Altamira Oriole

They have impatiences growing wild everywhere. Probably considered a weed here.

African tulip tree
African tulip tree

Talking to some locals we asked about some beaches and were told where the locals go, so off we went.

This was what they called a fishing beach and I could have stayed there all day.

And that’s what it was… a fishing beach.

It was the same beach that we had been into the day before and the hotel beside it was still completely booked. They were having a private event there and from what people were wearing it looked like they had flown in from New York.

I overheard someone talking and they said there was a big problem with the locals and the hotel and the hotel had to allot part of the beach to the locals as this was their traditional fishing spot.

Lots of activity.

Boats, fish cleaning, birds, people hanging around waiting for the next boat to come in and picnics on the beach.

end of days fishing in Todos Santos
end of days fishing in Todos Santos

The birds were waiting for the boats to come in as well as they threw the guts to the birds who did a great clean-up job.

Magnificent Frigatebird
Magnificent Frigatebird
Magnificent Frigatebird stealing food
Magnificent Frigatebird stealing food

There was a big surf just close to shore and the beach went on for miles.

We never saw a boat being launched but I loved watching them come in.

They pointed the boat to shore, waited for the next big wave and gunned it.

Riding the surf in and getting as far up the bank as they could go.

Then a pick-up truck with a tow bar on it dragged them up the beach.

People would come down and buy fish and one fellow got 10 Parrot fish for 100 pesos. (about $7 CDN)

brown pelican on beach
brown pelican on beach
brown pelican ready for take off
brown pelican ready for take off

We walked a long way down the beach and there was no one on it, everyone was at the fishing end.

At one point I looked out over the waves and said… “there be whales”, but as I was the only one who had seen them breaching we couldn’t be sure.

Later back at the fishing spot, I spotted them again and this time Rob saw them. I think they were humpbacks but not sure.

They were too far out to get a good picture but I did get a tail fluke.

humpback whale tail
humpback whale tail

Now… as I mentioned before it’s hard to get out of town.

Rob’s back is still bothering him so we decided to stay around the bottom end of the Baja so he can go back on Monday to the chiropractor.

With that in mind, we were backtracking heading toward San Jose del Cabo.

But, as we didn’t want to stay in the city, we were looking for a hotel as we came down the coast.

I think we hit every dirt road that said hotel or RV park and had a marvellous time.

All the hotels were booked with private events but you didn’t find that out until you had travelled 2 km down the ungraded sand road.

And, as it’s Mexico, the insurance allows you to go down dirt roads. In the US, your insurance would be void.

We saw lots of farmland and lush fields and a wonderful local farmers market with fresh fruit and veggies.

They had strawberries mixed with coconut and chia seeds (chia seeds at big here) and some sort of cream in cups and quart containers. I’ve never tasted anything so good.

While we were looking a hotel we would see signs that said RV parks and try as we might I couldn’t see dad driving his RV down the dirt road with sharp curves, one lane and places that you would bottom out.

By the end of the day, we finally figured out the RV parks referred to places where you could rent and drive ATV’s. 🙂

During one of our sorties down the dirt road, we found a surfing beach and it was full of people.

The sand was lovely and soft and the waves were just the right height for surfing.

It was now starting to get towards dusk so we decided to head into Cabo as we knew there was a Comfort Inn on the far side of it.

An hour later and in the dark we rolled in only to find that they were fully booked with a convention.

We had seen a hotel on the opposite side of the highway as we came into town so we backtracked about 15 minutes and pulled in.


Basically self-storage.

Too funny, but now it’s 7 PM, dark and we’re tired.

Ended up airport hotel after driving another 1/2 hour, had dinner and crashed.

Taking it easy today, it is now 11 am and we are still lounging around the room and will find another hotel for tonight, fingers crossed.

All for now.

Snowy Egret fishing
Snowy Egret fishing



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