About Me

Hi there, I’m Heather, founder and creator of “West Coast Notebook” and I live just outside of Victoria, BC, Canada.

When I was little I remember people asking me what I was going to be when I grew up and without giving it much thought I would reply “I’m never growing up“. Meaning that if I didn’t grow up, I wouldn’t have to make that decision. Even at a young age, I decided to be “ME“.Heather

Throughout the years I’ve done many different things, held numerous jobs with varied tasks and responsibilities and I’ve come to the conclusion that even today I’m never growing up.

To me, “growing up” means you need to follow or conform to a certain set of rules. It means lack of freedom of thought and movement and above all fitting into a mould.

That doesn’t mean I’m not responsible, caring or compassionate but it does mean I’ve given myself permission to be free.

If you ask my mother about me, one of the first things she will say is “Heather doesn’t always do what she is told“. And she is absolutely right.

Growing up, I was the tomboy. No princess for me.

Living on a farm there was lots of freedom to enjoy nature, walk in the woods and be around animals. I really had an idyllic childhood compared to the restrictions that children have today but didn’t realize it until I was grown up.

I like to know how things work, even if I will never use them. Love Google and the Knowledge Network.

Very tactile, and like to touch and feel the world around me.

Reading is a delight, audiobooks even better and I love to sit down and watch a good British mystery series like Midsomer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme, Foyle’s War or an Agatha Christie. I steal the remote control so the channel can’t be changed when one of my favourites comes on.

I own a flip phone and it sits in my car. Everyone is always after me to upgrade to a smartphone so they can text me and for me to carry it with me.

I love gadgets and I can see all the benefits of owning a smartphone as well as there are some birding apps that would be useful.

But the truth is, I don’t want to be contacted when I am away from the house. If I want to work in the garden, I’m in the garden, if I’m out birding, the last thing I need is for the phone to ring, beep or play a song. I’m birding!

Things that bring me joy:

  • Being in nature
  • Taking long walks on the beach and in the woods
  • Photography (birds)
  • Playing in the garden – nothing like getting dirt under the fingernails and grow your own veggies
  • Spending time with my beloved
  • Just BEING

And I am blessed to live in a place where I can do all the things that bring me joy. Every day new joys appear as life brings grand adventures.

My beliefs are:

  • We have a connection and oneness with all that surrounds us
  • That I am 100% responsible for my thoughts, feeling and actions (I forget this one sometimes)
  • That I have had experiences that are not of this lifetime

I like to “feel” my way through the day and throughout life and listen to the little voice within that keeps me on my path. It has never steered me wrong.

Creating this website gives me a way to let out my creative juices in words, thought, feelings and pictures.

Looking forward to reading your comments and ideas as we journey together on the road less travelled.