I Listened To The Wind

I Listened To The Wind

I listened to the wind today.

I heard it calling and beckoning to me.

“Come play,” it said… “come play”.

Then blew the grass sideways and laughed.

The trees bent their branches under its force.

Their trunks swaying as it pushed against their upright bodies and then snapped back into place as the air passed them by.

As I lay in the grass and watched the wind delighting in its power it said, “watch this”.

And overhead appeared an eagle, soaring in the tempest.

Going ever higher and higher as the wind played in its wings.

I laughed in delight and thanked the wind.

It blew the roof off the greenhouse.

We had been talking about replacing it so it was perfect timing.

The plants in the garden shivered in its wake.

“I make them strong,” it said.

It danced through the birch trees making each leaf shimmer in the light.

And when it exhaled it banished the clouds from the sky.

Leaving only blueness and a lonely turkey vulture sailing on ebbing currents.

A calm finally settled in on the day and as the wind slowly gave way to a wafting breeze I could faintly hear… “watch for me… I’ll be back to play another day”.

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  1. This is not a blog or post or whatever you call them, it is a wonderful, marvelous poem.
    Re-read it as a free form poem and it really speaks to you and actually ends after ‘watch for me’. What do you think.


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