Wood Frog

Wood Frog

I came across this little wood frog in a mountain ash tree.

Normally the berries are red but this was still early in the season and they are still yellow with a pink blush on their way to crimson.

The little frog caught my eye and I could hardly wait to take a photo of it before it hopped away.

Snapping frantically I moved closer and that’s when I realized it wasn’t moving.

Upon closer inspection, I attained that it was definitely a wood frog.

Actually made out of wood!

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Looking at it sideways it merely looks like a bump on a limb.

But when you look at full-on it has the appearance of a frog.

Not just any frog.

But a laid back, arm over the back of a limb type frog.

Nature being nature had a reason for growing a lump on the branch.

Maybe it had cut or damaged in some way and this growth was the result of it.

It’s my perception, my belief that gave it the appearance of a frog.

It reminds me of when Captain Cook sailed to places that had never seen a sailing ship before.

The people on the shore literally didn’t have anything to compare it to so it was like it didn’t exist.

Until one person saw it then another and another and now they were able to talk about it, explain it and point to it and the rest of the people then saw it.

Well, it’s that experience only backward.

I know frogs.

I’ve seen frogs.

I know how frogs react and move.

And because in my mind this was frog-like I instantly gave it the benefit of a doubt and called it a frog.

But… in actual fact, it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

I wanted to believe and so I believed.

And even now when I quickly glance at the photo, my mind goes to…

How did the frog get up in the tree?

It’s all about perception.

Jigsaw Puzzle

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  1. And is life not all about perception? It’s not often that you are fooled and I swear it looks like a frog to me. Haha


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